Interlude 3

The Council of War or A Family Reunited

The war was not going as well as they had hoped. The Archmages, for all of their decadence and corruption proved to be potent adversaries. States would fall, revolt, and then fall again. As many territories would fall as were gained. The Dragon Slayers’ Society needed something to put them over the top and make a decisive victory which would encourage the border troops fighting against the undead and the Eastern Legion manning the citadels which kept back the Scarlet Tyrannies from joining the Archmages. They approached Daewoo and asked him to go to War Machine. There he was to seek an official alliance with the roving armoured city and invite them to send aid.

They flew the city close to War Machine and then teleported once they were within sight of the location. They were immediately confronted by the 3rd Mechanical Cavalry. The cavalry were heavily armoured warriors whose steeds were not flesh and blood but rather brass, metal and clockwork. Their steeds never tired and never reared at pain. As long as they were wound they were the perfect patrol tools. Daewoo declared himself and invoked his right to board War Machine with his unit. The party boarded and Daewoo soon remembered what it was like to be home. Where Mapleton was a place of drinking, feasting, and frivolity, War Machine was a well oiled society. Everyone knew their place, their duty and saw to it. Relwin, intrigued by the steeds began inquiring into the finer points of the operation of the clockworks to an attractive young officer. She invited him to join her in the cantina while she enjoyed her R&R.

After the party had enjoyed exploring the mobile, steel city, they met with Major Colonel Aleksand Daewoo. Daewoo the Elder had been given a promotion since the last time his son had seen him and was now part of the Council of War. Lord General Daewoo had continued to hear of his son’s exploits. The Lord General held a dinner and agreed that having an ally would allow them to carve a path and destroy the Scarlet Tyrannies and would be able to acquire enough power to create a second War Machine in the West. In order to convince the Council of War, however, he would likely need the party to prove themselves. He invited them to attend the public briefing in the morning.

The Council of War met the next day and explained to the Gallows Boys that one of their mines had not been heard from in some time. There was some concern by the Alchemical Corp. of Engineers that they may need to send in elite forces. If the Gallows Boys would travel and investigate the mine and return with a full report, they would consider this a commitment to the good of the Unconquered.



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