Interlude 2

The Accession of Daelin I or Hail to the King Baby

Life was good for the Gallows Boys. Two Dragons were dead and mounted in a flying city which was undergoing renovation thanks to the free labour provided by the slaves from The city of Crakston across the border. Their alchemical product called Alchoholly (a miraculous product that acted as had become a premium product and wss being purchased in droves by the Mages throughout the Confederation. But then politics had to throw a wrench into the works.

The Gallows Boys prosperity caused jealousy and suspicion top run rampant among the magnates and powerful mages in Archopolis. The dragon slayer society was solidifying more influence and with the sudden increase in the amount of local nobility affiliated with the society (as now every member of the Boys had at least one manor), the Mages saw a threat. The Dragon Slayer Society had been established at the beginning of the Confederation to focus attention against the evils of the dragons, rather than the evils of the mages replacing those dragons. Their structure was essentially a meritocracy. Those heroes who killed dragons were elevated. However, the Confederation worked entirely by nepotism, those students who performed great magic were elevated in the confederation only as long as they had the right connections. Essentially, just learning a few spells and having the right connections was all it took to be suddenly elevated to the upper echelons of the power structure. Some great magic users were able to be elevated but more often than not they did so with pawns and used magnates like chess pieces to effect their schemes.

The jealous mages requested the flying city be turned over for study. Any passing spy with detect magic was able to see that this was a different form of magic than what the rest of the magic being used. Some rumors had begun to spread (probably leaked by the secret society studying Red Magic and the source of so many Taint outbreaks) that Red Magic was dangerous and likely was a plot by the dragons to wipe out the Confederation. Soon after this rumor, it was spread that the new flying city controlled by the Gallows Boys, now official Founding Members of the Dragon Slayer Society, was controlled using Red Magic. The jealous mages further politicked that clearly the Gallows Boys claim to be against the dragons was a lie. When it was revealed that the white dragon they killed the previous year was actually a renegade and sought by the Scarlet Tyrannies, it became easier for people to believe that the Gallows Boys’ exploits may have been fabricated than that they were really that good.

The Dragon Slayer Society had had enough and began making preparations for a fundemental constitutional change to the Confederation. They saw the ambitions of the Archmages (the faction wanting only magic rule throughout the Confederation) as leading to defeat by the dragons as the corruption at the top would lead to infighting and a loss of focus against the draconic invaders. They proposed, therefore, that another house made of elected representatives of the Society from each chapter be elected. They would represent the interests on the ground and not by the mages. Further, a monarchy be established, limited in actual power, he would act as a intermediary between both houses of government. Being elected for life and having this power enumerated, he would be spurned in his quest for greater power and have a long-term interest in the betterment of the entire Confederation. As such he should be both a magic user, not affiliated with a specific college of magic (as the colleges themselves were fiercely competitive), and a member of the Dragon Slayer’s Society who had proven himself with deeds. These overtures seemed to gain resonance with many both in the Magocracy and the common people. The Archmages claimed that to allow the common rabble to have a say in how they were ruled, however would be a sure lesson in weaker focus on crafting the magical solutions needed to defeat the dragons and would mean less money for the army.

This philosophical debate came to a head when two events occurred. The Archmages sent a writ of seizure to the Gallows Boys for the flying city. The mesenger presenting this demand that the city be turned over died from a collection of arrows in the chest, he had been talking a long time. Things came to a greater head when an elf was elected top leaf the dragon slayer society. That elf was Daelin. The Society began talking him up as the ideal person to meet their constitutional requirements, however, the Archmages balked at an elf to rule over them. The Society rebutted that even though he was an elf, he had proven himself time and again as a hero of the Confederation.

Daelin met with several magnates of the various mage states and several agreed after several concessions and liberal application of alcoholly to back his claim to the new throne. A proclamation was sent out that Daelin was now king. The Archmages of Archopolis cried treason and disbanded the Dragon Slayer’s Society. All loyal members could join the new Society: The Knights of the Confederation. Civil war erupted with various magnates declaring one another illegitimate and moving to declare a siege. The border states attempted to remain neutral as they were embattled with foreign enemies and did not want to take sides in this sudden conflict. This was not to last as the various soldiers were eventually pulled into the wider conflict but we’ll address this later…



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