Episode 7

The Hags of Snowmelt Swamp or A Disturbing Dalliance

With Daelin left to go kinging he made sure to get his nephew, Ozereth, out of the capital Archopolis. He sent him to the Gallow’s to assist in his absence and make sure that one of his few remaining relatives wouldn’t be used as a hostage against him during the war. While Daelin was off being king and bringing the Confederation to heel, Daewoo and the rest were running things in Mapleton and outfitting the flying city.

While this was ongoing, a maid named Sheila who grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Mapleton was noticed by and began spending time with Daewoo. Apparently, she thought this was true love and that she soon would be marrying the lord and that her and her family’s dreams could soon come true. Eventually, her dreams began coming true:she realized she was pregnant with her lord’s first-born. She was elated and came to her lord to tell her the news. She was spurned and fled in humiliation. She was not seen again in the city. Most assumed she had gone back to the farm her parents lived on.

A couple weeks later, Sheila’s mother barged her way into the great hall where Daewoo, Relwin, Gorin, and Ozereth were boozing and wenching. She shrieked at Daewoo telling him he should be ashamed of himself and spitted and sputtered more mean things that the Gallows Boys were really too in the tank to listen. She was dragged out of the hall and thrown into the mud in front of the hall. A few weeks later the town was abuzz with a rumour that children were missing on the outskirts of town. Several of the townsfolk were grumbling and some even suggesting they should go look for the children rather than tending the Alcoholly Carboys. There were whispers that the Gallow’s Boys were thought to be more interested in chasing tail than keeping the manor safe.
Appalled by the idea of disloyalty, the party headed out to stomp the dissent. Shortly after arriving, they saw what appeared to be a posse ready to look for the children. A rousing bout of intimidation brought them into line and the party mollified them by promising to look for the children. The party soon set of and began to realize what had happened. The spurned whore had been so incensed at her rejection by Daewoo. As the party began to search they found a woman on the road, Ozereth soon realized that she was not what she seemed and after an intense but brief battle, the hag laid dead. It became apparent that there was something more sinister than simply some runaway kids and a crazy bitch. As the group progressed through Snowmelt Swamp, more and more hags began attacking, finally, they found what appeared to be a hut protected by various hags and strange Fey-like undead wreathed in a green mist. These were stronger adversaries but finally they made it into the inside where they saw what had occurred.

The woman had been approached by a fox shortly after returning home. The fox had told her that she could have her revenge and hurt Daewoo if she would come and talk to the ladies of the swamp. Filled with hate and anguish she listened to them and joined their coven. They fed her potions and performed dread rituals. She could feel her womb stirring and it began to take on a strange green glow. She began to change her hatred distorting her features and her mind bent to pure rage.

As the party came in, they dispatched the creature into which Sheila had transformed. After the hags and her were dead they suddenly realized there was one last adversary. The fight ended with the whole party disturbed. They decided it was better to focus on the war effort and perhaps lay off the wenching for a week…probably.



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