Episode 6

The Gallow's Boys Revenge or Red, White, and Dead

Returning to the mainland with an ancient floating city was something of a shock for the local populace. The Lords soon began to order their people to excavate and create a landing zone for their city. They had big plans. This flying city which once held thousands of lives and acted as a mobile trading center would now have a new purpose, a giant casino and brothel complex. The Boys envisioned countless game halls and brothels all equipped to make them rich.

The Dragonslayers Society also saw this as a great resource and challenged the group to open a chapter house of the society on the new city. Realizing that such an alliance would prove highly profitable and never saying no to a chance to kill a dragon, the group agreed.

In order to not draw attention to themselves, the group made a plan. First, they would sneak across the pass near Mapleton. Then they attacked a nearby mining town. Once they attacked the town they enslaved the survivors and shipped them back to Mapleton where they work on the flying city. The team used an additional agent, a skilled fighter from the militia and together they strategised how to take on the town. Once in, they discovered that there is a rogue white dragon in the area whom the Scarlet Tyranny authorities want eliminated. The regional dragon lord was also nearby in an outpost which acted as a regional controlling area. The group headed in and begin clearing out the guards in the keep. Soon, they had reached the top and the dragon was there hiding intimidatingly within a room filled with smoke. A fight ensued which tested the powers of the Gallows Boys but they prevailed and were able to get he carcass back across the pass. After finding the renegade dragon and making even shorter work of that they hauled back their loot and wowed he entire Dragonslayer society by ensconcing not one huge dragon, but two in their newly minted Game Hall!



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