Episode 5

The Crashed City

The compass they had found proved intriguing to the party and they commissioned a ship to sail them to the place the compass appeared to be pointing. Soon they found themselves sailing between huge bergs of ice. The location of where the compass was pointing soon became evident, it was an island. Strangely, although the outside of the island was freezing, the interior seemed warm, even tropical.

Investigating the island was itself an adventure, but it was soon clear where the compass pointed to, a huge towering city which appeared to be In ruins and leaning slightly as it’s entire foundation was made of a strange golden-coloured metal. As they made their way to the city they fought some strange giant lizards, as well as wiped out a town of lizard folk, the Boys moved to explore the city.

The city was strange and seemingly plagued with odd phenomena. As the party explored the city, they realized this city was millions of years old and had used an Untainted Red Magic Device called the Aeromantic Infandibulator to lift the entire city into the sky and fly the city. After finding a magical staff, they soon discovered undead wizards, mad from age and twisted by the curse of the city, they lived in an uneasy stalemate. The party braved all and they were soon attacked by giant hornets, and other horrific monsters. None of these, however, were as terrifying as the colossal Shoggoth. A beast of smoke, chaos,and gnashing teeth it was clear it could tear apart the party with ease. They discovered that the beast, the crashed city and the chaos curse which seemed to grip the city was the result of an item called the Chaos Stone. It’s magic had consumed the city and released the fearsome Shoggoth. Using a staff charged with magic aligned towards order and law. They destroyed the stone and with it the Shoggoth.

They set to work attempting to loot the city and realized that some of the ancient citizens were alive. The royal family and some of the rich people had been captured and placed in a timeless prison tied to the power of the chaos stone. With it destroyed, the spell could not be replenished and ended. The king thanked the Boys but did not realize that these were no do-gooder heroes, they were the Gallows Boys! He informed them that if certain key magic items could be located in the city and the island, the city could once again float above the clouds. With greed in their heart, they listened to the king and set to work fixing the city. Without sails, the city would not fly but they realized they could tow it back to Victus by affixing the city to the ship they had taken to the island. Once the city was fixed and Relwin, the self-proclaimed Sky Captain knew how to fly the ship, the king was of no further use and represented a possible threat. He didn’t make the crossing.



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