Episode 3

The Deathly Pass or Raiders, Dungeons, Dragon, and 6 Seconds

Approximately a month later, the town of Mapleton was attacked by bandits and they began looting and setting fire to the town. Outraged the half-drunk the Boys rushed into action where they dispatched the raiders and began extinguishing the burning buildings.

One of the buildings, the Inn and alchemist shop was also on fire and fearing for Relwin’s woman inside the group rushed in, ready to look like badass-awesome-firemen-heroes. Relwin used his boots of levitation and was able to find his woman trapped on the other side of burning debris. Picking her up and levitating out the balcony like superman, he rescued her. The others also rushed in and saved several other very grateful female Inn guests. Apparently it must have been ‘Ladies’ Night’ because they didn’t even encounter a single man. One of the ladies, however, was not so lucky and after being told to walk down the burning staircase in front of Gorin, she fell causing permanent, irreparable, brain damage.

Furious at the attack the Gallows Boys tortured some of their prisoners and discovered that the bandits had a hidden base in the nearby mountains. Raiding the base, the party discovered a capable band of mercenaries and bounty contracts to kill the Gallows Boys issued by the Scarlet Tyrannies. Shortly after fighting the bandits, they soon learned of a new threat, a hidden Necromancer stronghold hidden deep in the pass. Still angry and bloodthirsty, the group discovered the hidden lair but what they found weren’t Necromancers at all. Rather, strange hideous monsters attacking the Necromancers and their servile constructs. Realizing that an entire stronghold of Necromancers would mean an entire stronghold of treasure, magic, and loot, the gallows boys moved through the area facing hideous creatures which they slowly learned were transformed mages and creatures that had become Tainted by some unknown foul source.

As they moved through the stronghold they learned that a strange magical energy had been discovered by the Necromancers radiating from Victus, but it came with a fearful cost: themselves. The magic appeared to be a native magical source never before seen by any alive and the implications were enough to drive men mad. Magic had always been thought to have come to the world by the invading dragons. Now they knew that Victus had an ancient magic all of its own—and to use it was to become Tainted. A group of Necromancers had been experimenting with the old magic dubbed ‘Red Magic’ and had attacked the other Necromancers as the Red Magic’s taint took hold of them and they sought to eradicate anything touched by the Blue magic from the Dragon Moon, Vertus.

Finally, after rescuing a few necromancers (female ones, of course), the party discovered a strange cave that according to the Necromancers studying it was millions of years old and seemed to even predate the mountains themselves. It appeared to hold a large lake but its shape was not that of a natural cavern but instead that of huge beast’s ribcage. The ceiling took on the shape of a huge spine and great rib like pylons made of the same black rock supported the cave ceiling. Strange whispers seemed to echo off the walls. Soon the party began to hallucinate and as they left the chamber, they heard a strange splashing sound behind them, coming from the lake. Beyond everything they had witnessed in that stronghold, it has been that splash which has haunted them more than anything else. It wouldn’t be until years later when they finally realized the source of that dread noise.

They left the chamber, realizing the only way to save their town and protect their interests would be to seal the stronghold forever. Working with the lead necromancer, they initiated a powerful spell to create the Lithosphere. Once the spell completed, an enormous globe of pure elemental stone would be summoned, encasing the entire area in pure granite. As soon as the party set off the spell, they had only moments to avoid being encased themselves.

The party killed the Necromancers except one, they ordered her to create a brothel next to the site of their castle and to never speak of what had transpired. To this day, she never has spoken to the Johns that visit her. Ostensibly, she has put away her study of necromancy. The party still has concerns and will often use her as a magic resource who isn’t connected with the mage states.

As they rode back to the town, they suddenly saw a great shadow fall over the pass. Looking up, they saw a fearsome foe in the form of a black Dragon called Ni’gerreth. Relwin, Gorin, Daelin, and Daewoo readied their weapons and before the angry black dragon could reach them, it was dead. It was dead within 6 seconds. Pretty fucking epic. Daelin said something about doing it left-handed.

The group returned with the carcass of the dragon as proof that they were indeed Dragonslayers. Soon they were elevated to a high elite status with the Dragonslayers Society. It was then that Lord Pompinn and his lovely wife came to town…



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