Finkle-con 2 or The Gallow Boys win a town.

The company takes a job to harrass a nearby town of Mapleton by an ousted Societyman. While on their way they find a group of dragon army harrassing a farm. They kill the dragon army and all of the farmers. They burn down the farm. The war priest desecrates the corpses of the farmers.

The sorcerer meets with the mayor of Mapleton and is commissioned to take care of the local bandit problem. The sorcerer meets up with the rest of the party and start to investigate the local relationships between the mayor, the Societyman, their wives, and the innkeeper, an apparent alchemist. After sampling some of the local fare, they meet with the mayor where the ranger gets impatient and in an apparent spell of homocidal mania, shot the mayor with an arrow. Suddenly, they had to search the area and get out before the guards could be called.

After an interval of this, the company was called up to answer for the murder of the mayor. They were ready to be hung when someone discovered the desecration at the farm. Things were looking sketchy until they convinced the entire town that they were being set up by an evil cult using black magic. This getting off of the gallows with their knecks unstretched earned them their nickname: the Gallows Boys.

Later, the alchemist convinces the company to stay in town and run the town as the Lord Mayor. This shift from elected leader to landed ruler would help the town stay more stable and limit the amount of corruption. If they wanted to leave, he argued, they could always simply appoint a reeve to make sure their will was obeyed. Of course he would make a great candidate for such a position and would be someone the people would trust. They agreed and after a bit of gambling, it was decided that Daewoo of War-Machine would be the lord.

While they reviewed and started to oversee their new domain, a few of the company went to the neighboring town to collect their reward. After receiving their reward, however, they rewarded their employer by exposing his role in the plot and taking him captive they went to the larger town of Oakbridge to commission some special items with Society smiths and turn in their benefactor. There was an unfortunate incident involving the war priest running his mouth in a Chamber of Truth, but other than that, there were no problems.

While all of this was going on, they were piecing together what was really going on in the town. Apparently, the Societyman and the Mayor had been contacted by someone from the nearby Scarlet Tyrannies. It appears that they had found a way to bypass the main pass through the mountains and were establishing a way to sneak small groups of soldiers into otherwise undefended Mage State area. They had bribed the Societyman to close the chapterhouse ensuring that adventurers wouldn’t find the secret trail. They had destroyed the farms near the route and kidnapped the farmers to sell into slavery. This would also help convince people that this was the work of bandits and not part of a larger move against the Mage States.

With the Gallows Boys now set up with a headquarters and people to rule, the question going forward is will they try to make Mapleton grow? Will the Mage States take an interest in their doings? Find out next time on FINKLE-CON!!


Can’t wait for Finkle-Con 3!!!A tip of the hat to ya, Great layout man the back ground is deep. Can’t wait for more Adventures!


Keep checking in periodically for more updates. Now that I have people who are actually reading this, I am going to try and flesh it out a bit more.

Also, if you remember what happened at the mini-con a few months ago, feel free to message me and I’ll put it on the post.


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