The story so far

The story begins as several adventurers from various areas of the Mage-states and the nearby elven lands and various backgrounds decide to go into an adventuring business of sorts. In order to start being able to make money, they decide to pursue a membership with the Dragonslayers Society.

The founders of the new company were:

  • Daewoo – A Warmachiner on walkabout with a great martial background. His history is hidden from
  • Devlin – An elf magus who moved south and left home out of fear of the Northern Menace.
  • Relwyn – the second elf in the company (who never hears the end of it from the sorcerer) with a particular dislike for humans (present company sometimes excluded). He honed his skills attacking homesteaders who ventured too near his forest home. Thanks for the reminder about the name!
  • Sorcerer with dragon blood – A human with a greedy streak which probably stems from the small trace of dragon blood which flows through his veins.

The group knew that the only way they could keep what they made is if they could keep others from taking it, so it was natural that they should band together. Work for a violent people is never very hard to find. The Dragonslayers Society posts jobs too obscure or too cheap to the outside bulletin board (for non-members) and this is where the company discovered that there was a posting about a reward for finding the creature or man responsible for killing a farming family outside of town.

After some skilled tracking, the trail leads them to realize that a pack of werewolves were the perpetrators. After a fiery finale, the company searched the small lodge they had been using as a base of operations. Documents revealed their intent to increase the size of their pack and that they had been paid to raise a terror throughout the land and create chaos. Who wrote those documents or set the werewolves on the land was never made clear. It is possible some evidence was lost as Devlin used what remained of his wand of fireball to kill off the werewolf pack as they slept. Taking some pelts with them, they presented them to the Dragonslayers Society Lodge and were awarded membership and identifying badges.
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