Episode 4

The Trial and The Tainted Tower

The Gallows boys spent the next year enjoying the fruits of their hard fought treasure, feasting, wenching, and drinking to their hearts content but their new found glory was not going unnoticed. Other ambitious people were growing envious of the power, prestige, and wealth the Gallows Boys were accumulating. One of these was Lord Pompinn, a man who wished to become a Magnate of the Mage State in which the party lived. He accused the party of being agents of the Scarlet Tyrannies, the neighboring kingdom over the mountains and on the other side of the pass. A Mage Court, a flying Mage tower holding the tribunal of Mage Iudexes (judges) soon appeared in the sky and he party was brought before them. Their representative was none other than the sorcerer with some Asian name or something who had helped them win Mapleton and who took care of the town to ensure the lords could party without interruption. He gave a stirring defense echoing the Gallows Boys accomplishments including the slaying of a fierce dragon in less than 6 seconds. The Gallows Boys were exonerated. Ned Pompinn was executed and his charming wife remarried…Relwin. Now in control of his own small manor he and the party returned to their lands.

After some time had passed, the party decided it was time to go to the Mage State capital of Archopolis. The city was a sprawling metropolis filled with enormous towers all supporting each other through myriad arch bridges. The city had everything and several powerful magic items were commissioned.

While these were made a man approached them. He asked if they would clear out a secret lair which had become infested with monsters. Soon, the party found themselves face to face with a new cadre of Taint beasts sporting enormous antler like claws, firey spit, and an overall poor disposition. They sought to find the source of the taint and remove it, what they found was a strange demiplane. In it several wizards were corrupting and transforming their victims into Taint Beasts. The wizards were powerful but eventually were overcome by the Boys. They also dispatched a huge flower like monster, which soon destabilized the plane, the party escaped, but only just. On the body of a wizard they found a strange item, an impossibly old compass that seemed to point to the West, towards the Endless Ocean. The compass intrigued them and they began to feel that itch for adventure and treasure.



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